How can I stay safe?

Safety at school

Seguro na Escola
  • If you notice something strange is going on at school, for example if you spot people about from outside the school, talk to  a school staff member.
  • If you see school classmates fighting, the best way to resolve the situation is to let a school staff member know about what is going on immediately. They will only be able to help if they know what is happening. If you feel it might be dangerous for you to solve the situation on your own, do not do it! Speaking to staff does not make you a ‘grass’!
  • Opportunity makes the thief! Avoid leaving your school bag and belongings unattended. If you are playing make sure your things are nearby where you can see them. If you go to the toilet take your things with you.
  • In some schools there are lockers. Get a padlock and you will have a safe place to store your school material and your personal objects. Lockers are normally placed in areas monitored by school staff, so are more secure. So, you don’t have to carry all your stuff while you go about school.
  • Avoid carrying and displaying valuable objects such as a mobile phone, watch or laptop. If you have to use them, do it discretely. Normally, these objects are the most attractive to thieves.
  • If a classmate asks you to do something you don’t want to or that you know is wrong, don’t do it! For more tips on this see How to resist peer pressure?