How can I stay safe?

Safety at parties, bars and clubs

Seguro na Diversão  
  • Don’t take highly valuable personal belongings.
  • Use attended cloakrooms to keep your belongings (for example, your coat and your bag). They are normally affordable (or even free of charge) and keep your belongings safe while you are enjoying yourself. To place belongings on the floor, even close to you, it is not a good option. You can also choose to carry your bag across the body so it is close to you.
  • Go out with a group of friends and always travel in a group.
  • Don’t give personal information to people you do not know, such as your address or phone number.
  • Remember, it is illegal to buy alcohol if you are under 18. Stick to water or soft drinks instead.

  • If you are legally allowed to drink alcohol, do it safely and in moderation. Be aware of the powerful effect alcohol has on your body and your behaviour. Under the influence of alcohol people may lose control over their own bodies, became more vulnerable and unable to resist or defend themselves if someone tries to take advantage, hurt or force them to do something.
  • Be aware of what you drink (water, soft drinks or alcohol). Don’t consume or taste drinks that are not yours, that you don’t know what they are or that are offered to you. Buy drinks in sealed containers and that you have watched the barman prepare.
  • Never leave your drink on the table while you are absent: always carry it with you.
  • Cover the glass or drink bottle with your hand. This will avoid anyone adding drugs to your drink. Remember that in these places there are drugs that can be used without you knowing to make it easier for someone to have sex with you, that make you fragile and unable to offer resistance.
  • Don’t mix alcohol consumption with other substances:
    • their interaction may have serious negative consequences for your health (for example, unconsciousness, respiratory and cardiac problems, death);
    • remember that alcohol should not be consumed if you are taking medication (check the medication leaflet for more information).
  • If you feel poorly or unwell look for your group of friends and ask them to leave with you.