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How to resolve conflicts?

? What is a conflict?

A conflict is a normal event in our lives; it is a disagreement, a misunderstanding between people about ideas, values, opinions or behaviours.

Often, it is expressed through negative behaviours and feelings, such as physical, psychological or verbal violence and anxiety.

Violence may emerge as a NEGATIVE way to resolve a conflict. However, there are POSITIVE alternatives that may help you deal with challenging situations.

Don’t forget that conflicts are part of relationships! What is important is to seek to resolve them in a positive way, without resorting to any form of aggression or violence.

? Which situations may cause conflicts between teenagers who are dating each other?
conflitos entre namorados
  • Jealousy.
  • Pressures to start having sex.
  • Spending time with other friends.
  • Passarem tempo com outros amigos.
  • Wanting to do different activities.

? What strategies can I use to resolve a conflict?
  • Take time for yourself – try to calm down and think about the situation. Take a deep breath or go outside for example.
  • Recognise that there is a problem – try to talk about the problem with the other person, telling them that you don’t like what happened; deal with the situation without making personal accusations or pointing out the other's faults; focus on the problem, on what you think about what happened and how that made you feel. Explain calmly what you didn’t like in what he/she said or did and how that makes you feel. It is as important to express your opinion as to listen to the other person’s version.
  • Negotiate – talk to the other person and aim at jointly reaching a result you both can agree with.
  • Apologise if you think you were wrong – often a genuine apology is enough to end and resolve a conflict.
  • Ask an adult for help if you think you can’t resolve the matter on your own.