Street Violence

What is it?

Street violence is any type of violence that takes place in open public areas.

Violência na Rua

There are many open or public areas where violence can occur:

  • On the road;
  • On the street;
  • At sports or leisure parks;
  • At parks;
  • In car parks;
  • At shopping centres;
  • At the beach or swimming pool;
  • On public transport;


Many of these types of violence constitute a crime:

  • Attacking someone to steal personal items (for example, mobile phone).
  • Taking a personal item without the owner’s consent.
  • Assaulting and insulting.
  • Destroying objects and structures that serve the community (e.g. graffiting or destroying rubbish bins or bus stops).

Street violence (and associated crimes) may be committed:

Any person can be a victim of street violence.

Youths are at a greater risk than other people, as they spend a lot of their time outside in public areas:

  • going to and from school; 
  • playing football in the neighbourhood park;
  • in the shopping centre.
  • Separador

    Most youths do not experience or get involved in street violence.
    Even so, it is worthwhile being alert to the risks and having strategies to protect you and keep you safe. To find out more see Safety on the Street.